For construction industries and investment.

We Al-Balaawi group specialize in importing construction products, iron and construction materials in general, we have recently put forward the idea of building a factory specializing in construction industries with modern technologies and high quality.

In the beginning of 2018 we signed a deal with a German company “ZENITH” which is one of the leading companies in the field of machinery and equipment specialized in the construction industries, and after that we started the installation process which took almost 8 months.

Al-Weher Construction Industries and Investment is the first in it’s field in Palestine. This company provides products for the first time in the local market with high quality standards


About us

Who we are

Al-Weher Company for Construction Industries and Investment The first company in the field of its services in Palestine, the company will provide More than 800 varieties of cement products in the coming months and years.
In particular, carpet stone and other environmental friendly building materials, we are also working on improving and developing cement products in the Palestinian markets.

Our Vision

Adding exclusive products for the first time in Palestine will work for a great renaissance in the country and for us to have a fundamental role in solving the problems that the customer faces in relation to the products prevalent in the market by introducing high-quality products and minimizes the damage from the existing ones caused by the lack of machines and professionals to solve the problems that exist in the construction products.

Our Message

To be one of the first companies in Palestine in the field of advanced construction industries as well as providing services and construction products with high efficiency.
Our services and products are above the expectations of our customers.

we use the best professional competencies, the latest machinery, and the fastest ways to provide all customers needs.